Johnny English strikes again full movie review in Hindi

Johnny English strikes again full movie in Hindi: The film stars Ben Miller, Olga Krulenko, Jake Lacey, and Emma Thompson in the role of Rowan Atkinson. The film follows the Titanic MI7 agent who takes action when all undercover agents are exposed to a cyber attack.

The film was released in theaters in the United Kingdom on October 5, 2018, and by Universal Pictures on October 26, 2018, in the United States.

Johnny English strikes again full movie review in Hindi

Release date: 28 September 2018 (India)

Director: David Kerr

Box office: 15.9 crores USD

Budget: 2.5 crores USD

Based on: Characters; by Neal Purvis; Robert Wade; William Davies

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Storyline: The cyberattack unleashes MI7's field agents, which forces the agency to reinstate old defunct agents, including Johnny English. Now working as a geography teacher, he secretly trains his students in espionage. 

English accidentally disables the other retired agents, leaving him alone to accept the mission. He emphasizes the services of his former partner Jeremy Bough, still an MI7 employee.

Gathering their gear, including Jelly's children to explore and a tracker disguised as a sorbet fountain, English and Boff leave their cell phones behind and transport an old Aston Martin to the source of the attack in France.

They arrive at Hotel Magnifica in Antibes, where the cyberattack began. Disguised as a waiter, they steal a mobile phone with a picture of their next target, a yacht named Dot Callum. 

While roasting the beetles, the restaurant accidentally fires in English. Sneaking up on the ferry, English, and Bough are captured by Russian agent Ophelia Bhulatova but escape after finding a variety of computer servers onboard.

Johnny English strikes again full movie Casting

  1. Rowan Atkinson as Sir Johnny 
  2. Olga Kurylenko as Ophelia Bhuletova
  3. Ben Miller as Jeremy Bough
  4. Jake Lacy as Jason Volta
  5. Adam James as Pegasus
  6. Emma Thompson as the UK Prime Minister
  7. Vicki Pepperdine as Lydia
  8. Pippa Bennett-Warner as Lesley
  9. Miranda Hennessy as Tara
  10. Irena Tyshyna as Viola Lynch
  11. David Mumeni as Fabian
  12. Tuncay Gunes as Ted Guest
  13. Samantha Russell as the Prime Minister of Sweden
  14. Nick Owenford as an Australian aide
  15. Junichi Kajioka as a Japanese diplomat
  16. Matthew Beard as P
  17. Pauline McLynn as Mrs Trattner
  18. Michael Gambon as Agent Five
  19. Charles Dance as Agent Seven
  20. Edward Fox as Agent Nine
  21. Kevin Eldon as a Night Guard
  22. Noah Spiers as Baggaley
  23. Kendra Mei as Ibadulla
  24. Alfie Kennedy as Straker

Bhuletova finds them and agrees to meet at the Hotel de Paris of Cognes-Sur-Mer. In love with Bhuletova, the English dismissed Boff's suspicions.

Other cyber bots force the Prime Minister to solidify an agreement with Silicon Valley billionaire Jason Volta, which will be revealed during the upcoming G12 meeting.

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On learning that Volta is the owner of Dot Callum and suspects that he is behind the cyber attack, English, and Baug return home. In search of more evidence, MI7 sneaks into Volta's mansion. In preparation, the English are tasked to complete a virtual reality scan of the billionaire's mansion. 

However, he inadvertently leaves the simulation room and attacks various members of the public while in a virtual environment (including hitting the manager of a local café with two cafes and pushing the tour guide out of the room into an open-top Includes seizing the bus. Upper deck of the bus). ).

Upon arriving at the mansion, English discovers that Bhuletova is also a detective. He records evidence of Volta's plans with Bhuletova's iPhone, but accidentally presses the wrong button, and Bonnie M. 

The song is revealed by English playing Rasputin and hijacking a driving instructor's car, followed by Volta after returning to MI7. 

The Prime Minister, hearing about both restaurant and VR events, speaks in English and continues with the G12 meeting in Scotland. 

Bough convinces the English to stop Volta anyway, to help Boach's wife, Lida, captain of the Navy submarine HMS Vengense, to reach Garoche Castle via LoC Nevis.

Bhuletova tries to kill Volta, but he reveals that he knows he is a spy, as he immunized himself with his poison ring and fired a hammer from his pistol. The English climb the palace using a power monkey before Volta can kill Bhutleva before he runs away. 

Volta revealed his plan to withdraw money from G12 leaders by threatening to shut down the Internet. English says MI7 but forgets Lida's warning about using cell phones near the submarine.

An MI7 secretary inadvertently places two phones next to each other: one on a call from English, the other from Lyda, a launch code to confirm that English was inadvertently entered. By mistake, when ordered to attack the English, Lida launched a ballistic missile. 

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The missile is displaced towards the sorbet fountain beacon left by the English at Dot Callum, destroying Volta's ferry and server. The English, wearing traditional armor, Bough and Bhuletova, chases Volta in his helicopter as he prepares to divert the attack to a different server in Nevada.

Bhuletova gives a tablet English to deactivate the Aerospatiale Gazelle helicopter from Volta. After Volta expressed his inability to use digital technology, English threw the tablet, drove Volta out, and smashed his phone to stop the attack. 

The Prime Minister praises the English, who accidentally strip the press and G12 leaders naked while trying to remove their armor.

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